Instructors List

Abdel-Nabi Mohamed is currently the Wire Line Service Leader in Schlumberger Egypt.

He has 29 Years of experience in Oil industry. He worked for 17 years in HALLIBURTON and in other companies such as AGIBA, SEAGULL [ESSO], KHALDA [APPACHI], BAPETCO [SHELL], CENTRURION, SUCO, WEPCO, PETROBEL, El MANSOURA.

He has many technical skills such as Depth measurement, paraffin cutting, removing scale, bottom hole pressure/temperature surveys, setting and retrieving tubing plugs (Halliburton, Otis, Camco and Baker), opening and closing circulation devices (sleeves), fishing experience with 3/16” and 7/32” line, dump bailer, knocking out pin collars, locating tubing ends and other pints in tubing string equipment used includes single drum, double drum units. Swabbing and Running Amerada, Testing Experience in all Kinds of wells Gas and Oil, Redressing Halliburton SSSV.

Abdel-Nabi Mohamed has some special experience in Response of 10 slick line unit on work shop (maintenance – lifting and movement). Response of tools in work shop (maintenance – modification and Redressing). Work in office account receivable to slick line jobs.