Instructors List

Ahmed Mostafa is currently working as Technical Manager for Well Testing Services in Sahara Petroleum Services (SAPESCO) Measurement Services since 2011 responsible for all technical capabilities with respect to the Well Testing service line.

He started working in the Petroleum Sector in 1991 joining Halliburton Overseas Limited, Egypt in Surface Testing department as Field Production Test Supervisor. In 1997, he transferred to Electric Line Department as an International Service Supervisor for Downhole Gauges, Data Acquisition System, Bottom Hole Sampling and Correlation Logs.

He joined SAPESCO in 2005 as Lead Technical Engineer, for Measurement Division handling and leading technical aspects. In 2009, he was promoted to Company Training Manager to carry out and manage all service lines’ training, staff Career Development System, training matrix, training plan, competency improvement, external resourcing, updating material library, etc…

He contributed in the Reservoir Engineering School Project carried out by “Sonatrach” - Algeria in 2005 & 2009 (totally about 2 months) as an instructor for its field service operations staff pertaining to the subjects of: Surface Well Testing equipment & operations, Reservoir Engineering Fundamentals, Surface Sampling, and Bottom Hole Sampling.

Ahmed Mostafa received his B.Sc. Petroleum Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, July 1988.