Instructors List

Borhan Nour is currently the General Manager and MD for Scientific Petroleum Services (SPS), He worked in Angola & Kazakhstan for Core Laboratories U.K. Ltd Pencor division as a Reservoir Fluid Consultant specializing in fluid sampling, Pressure -Volume -Temperature (PVT) measurements and interpretation.

He has subsequently gained more than 27 years of oil industry experience With Corex, Pencor (A Core Laboratories Company), Reslab and Scientific Petroleum Services (SPS). He authored numerous papers for professional, Journals, was the Regional Manager for Pencor in North Africa in the Middle East: Associations; is a member of Society of Petroleum Engineers, and worked and helped in more than 500 PVT studies in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Angola, Norway, Iran, UAE, Kazakhstan, Sakhalin Island of Russia, Gulf of Mexico & USA, for Bb, Shell, Exxon, KPO, Texaco, Luke Oil, Hurricane, Agip, Kazgermunai, Elf, Gupco, Bapetco, Khalda, Centurion, etc.

Borhan Nour has B.Sc. in Chemistry - Mansura University 1985, High Diploma in Analytical Chemistry - Ain Shams University 1993, and M Sc. Degrees from Cairo University (2001) where his M.Sc. thesis title was “Studies on the analysis and comparison of Natural Gases from Western Desert of Egypt in view of correlation of different formations”.