Instructors List

Hany Abdallah is currently working as Technical Manager for Tubular Running Services in Sahara Petroleum Services (SAPESCO) Tools Services. Since 2009, he has been responsible for all technical capabilities with respect to the Tubular Running Service line.

He joined SAPESCO Syria branch in 2004 as JAM Field Engineer for TRS department. He has held a number of different technical and engineering positions; Field Eng., S. Field Eng., Operation Supervisor, Technical Manager-Syria branch, and finally Technical Manager-SAPESCO Corp.. He carries out and manages all service lines’ training, staff Career Development System, training matrix, training plan, competency improvement, external resourcing, updating material library, etc…

He developed the training courses to be effective for Syrian, Egyptian and Saudi engineers/operators career path as an instructor for field operations staff for all TRS equipment & running operations.

Hany Abdallah received his B.Sc. Communication Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Helwan University, May 2001.