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Dr. Mohamed Salah is currently working as Exploration Manager for Exploration Services in Sahara Petroleum Services (SAPESCO) since 1st Jan 2014.

He received his education as the following:

PhD. Degree , in Applied Geophysics, Geology department, faculty of science, Damietta, Mansoura University, Egypt, May 2009 (Seismic stratigraphy and tectonic history of the continental margin, North Sinai)

Master Degree, in Applied Geophysics, Geophysics department, faculty of science, Mansoura University, Egypt, 1996 (A two dimensional ray tracing program)

Bachelor of Science, Geophysics departments, Mansoura University, Egypt, May 1989 (Final grade: Very Good).

He started working in the Petroleum Sector in 1992 joining Services in Sahara Petroleum Services, Egypt in Exploration division as tape copier and Data Base programmer. In 1996, he worked as Technical support supervisor. In 1998, he works as data management manager beside Technical support supervisor. In 2005 he works as technical manager responsible for all technical capabilities with respect to for tape copy and data managements. In 2014, till now he works as exploration manager for Exploration department.

He has lager experience since 1992 till now in tape copy and reformat of old seismic and well log data and media treatments, also in data base and data managements.