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Yasser El-Saadani is currently the Business Unit Manager for Logging & Perforation in Sahara Petroleum Services (SAPESCO), a provider of a wide range of petroleum services within the Middle East and North Africa region.

He joined Sapesco at the beginning of 2001 as a Field Engineer. He progressed through his field career as a Senior Field Engineer, then he became in charge of SAPESCO Measurement Services in the Western Desert at 2005.

By 2006, he worked as Logging and Perforation Operations Supervisor, then he became Measurement Services Account Manager by 2009. In 2010, he worked as Measurement Services Operation Manager, responsible for Logging, Perforation, Slick line and Well testing operations within Egypt.

In 2011, he transferred to Sapesco Corporate as a Business Unit Manager handling Logging and Perforation activates within all regions Sapesco operating regions.

Yasser El-Saadani received his B. Sc. Degree in Electric Engineering from Ain Shams University in 2001.